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5,704 trees will help to remove about 1,298 tonnes of carbon *.
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AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality protects what is most important to you and encourages you to live a healthier life.

AIA Vitality is a personalised, health and wellbeing program that supports you to make healthier lifestyle choices. It shows you how healthy you are now, provides you with tools to start improving your health from day one, and offers amazing rewards to keep you motivated along the way. You can turn those rewards into something special for you, something to give back to your community and the environment or…a bit of both!

Research tells us that a healthy environment directly affects both our physical and mental wellbeing, so we’re thrilled to enhance the AIA Vitality program with an environmental partner. Be a part of this health and wellbeing program when you get cover under an eligible AIA health or life insurance policy.

Planters supported

AIA Vitality has supported 22 planters since 2020.

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