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2,437 trees will help to remove about 555 tonnes of carbon *.
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Flick Electric Co

Flick Electric is passionate about reducing the impact of NZ’s electricity sector on carbon emission levels, which is a big reason why we created our fabulous world-first product - CHOICE! Available within our Flick app, CHOICE gives Kiwis live information about the carbon impact of electricity in the national grid. For users who are customers, we’ve gone one better - they can also receive a personalised calculation of emissions from the electricity they use at home!

We wholeheartedly believe that information is power - we envision a world where all Kiwis know exactly what goes into the power they’re using, PLUS what that means for the precious world we live in.

We’re proud to support Trees That Count and we’re encouraging Kiwis to use this platform to help offset their carbon emissions, which are now visible and accessible through CHOICE.

Planters supported

Flick Electric Co has supported 14 planters since 2018.

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