Support native tree planting projects in New Zealand

How’s your company faring on the sustainability front? In a world where climate change looms large and customers favour socially responsible companies, giving back makes good business sense.

Fund native trees with us today. Choose to support restoration or protection planting projects and we’ll match your funding with planters who apply to us for native trees.

Restoration Trees
Fund native trees which will be planted to restore special locations throughout New Zealand. From $6.00 per tree
Protection Trees
Target your funding to create cleaner waterways, combat soil erosion, restore farmland, or assist species loss. From $6.25 per tree

Rewarding environmental commitment

Our Committed to Climate marks recognise businesses that are making a significant investment to help improve New Zealand’s environment.

A mark is a valuable sustainability toolkit asset as a sign of action towards reducing carbon emissions, as well as a show of love for all the other benefits that native trees provide.

There are three Committed to Climate tiers, each each reflecting meaningful commitment to the environment.

All funders receive a personalised Tree Profile, to showcase your impact.

Trees you fund are mapped and monitored.

Your contribution is placed on our Tree Leaderboard.

Gift trees to customers or staff!