There are different ways to show your support

By working together we can all play a part in slowing down climate change. Join the movement to plant and look after millions more trees for generations to come.

There are heaps of ways you can get involved.

Grow the count by planting trees

Add trees to the count

Planting native trees? Whether you’re planting one in your backyard or thousands as part of a community or large scale project tell us! You can also add trees that you planted in 2016 or 2017 to our national count. Every single tree helps grow the count, add them here!

Apply for trees

Want to scale up your planting? Groups who are registered with Trees That Count can apply for trees from our Community Marketplace. Not registered but need trees? You can still add trees you’ve already planted to the count here and become part of the Trees That Count community. Applications for funding for trees to plant in 2019 are closed. You can now apply for trees to plant in 2020 and 2021.

Fund the planting of native trees

As an individual or family

Fund a tree for yourself, or as a gift, and you'll help plant more native trees throughout New Zealand. Your donation is matched with a planter who needs trees, and they'll get them in the ground on your behalf. Every tree counts towards a greener Aotearoa.

As a business or organisation

Looking to fund a planting project, organise trees as gifts or offset your carbon emissions? We’ll celebrate your impact on our leaderboard and match your funding with a planting group to get real native trees in the ground. Easy.