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Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park Trust

NGO / Trust / Philanthropic Organisation
Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park Trust is a registered charity responsible for assisting the ecological restoration, enhancement and management of Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park (AF/KP). The AF/KP is a small wetland national park 4km from Feilding township in the Manawatu . Other mandates for the trust include: to raise funds to assist the restoration, care for special collections of rare flora and fauna, educate the public and in particular school children, and collaborate with other relevant entities with interest in the park. We wish to hold a community planting event in 2020 to celebrate 130 years of arbor day in NZ. We have not historically celebrated arbor day in the park, so it would be special too given the anniversary also. Part of the objective is to not just plant trees, but to create more diverse links and involvement from the local community to the park and promote the value of its restoration.

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Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park Trust has had support for their plantings from 228 funders since 2017 and has received 5,153 trees through Trees That Count.

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