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200 trees will help to remove about 21.56 tonnes of carbon *.
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Birkenhead Primary School

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We are a Silver Enviroschool, and have been an enviroschool since 2007. Over the last two years we have been removing exotic trees and have been planting native trees around our field, along with a walkway. We have our own small native reserve, vegetable gardens, an orchard and a leaf-cutter bee hive. The school is situated in the centre of Highbury, so our trees are a very important part of the community. Conservation Volunteers built a path around our field and planted its surroundings with native trees and shrubs in 2015. We are on the flight path of the North West Wild Link, so would like to assist this project as well. The field is adjacent to a small bush area on the school property, and we try and take cuttings, seeds etc to grow our own, but with limited facilities it isn't easy. By planting a variety of large and small natives, it will also help to cut down the noise from the Highbury Bypass below the field.

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Birkenhead Primary School has had support for their plantings from 26 funders since 2017 and has received 100 trees through Trees That Count.

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