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Blue Orb Charitable Trust

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Through Camp Kiwi, the Blue Orb Charitable Trust aims to give more New Zealanders the opportunity to see a real life Kiwi. Based in the Department of Conservation Scenic Reserve at Whangaruru North Head, this site is custom-made for a true ‘kiwi’ experience. Sixty-three archaeological sites are recorded in the reserve, ten of which are pā while the rest are either undefended terrace sites or middens. These provide a valuable historical context to the landscape. Whangaruru North Head is also significant as the site of the first permanent European settlement on the Whangaruru Harbour and has a long history of industry such as logging, fishing and whaling.

We have fenced off all the wetlands and some of the slip prone hillsides and planted 11,400 trees to date. We have an agreement with the grazier and land holder to reduce the grazing incrementally each year in order to plant. Through the support of organisations like Trees that Count we are able to continue to keep planting and create habitats for our native kiwis.

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Blue Orb Charitable Trust has had support for their plantings from 227 funders since 2017 and has received 7,852 trees through Trees That Count.

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