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Cheddar Valley Farms

Farming / Forestry / Rural
Bay of Plenty
We are a small family farm with a mission to change the way that dairy farming and agriculture is undertaken in New Zealand.

We have recently taken over a new dairy farm on the edge of the beautiful Ohiwa Harbour in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. We understand that it is our responsibility to care for the land and what we put into it and how this affects the wider environment.

We have a huge range of ideas for the future of the farm and the land. One of these ideas is focusing on the ecological restoration of land and bush that has been misused and is really impacting on nutrient and sediment losses and impacting our waterways. So we are hoping to protect areas throughout the property where native bush can eventually regenerate so that in the future we will have areas of native bush that work with our farming operations.

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Cheddar Valley Farms has had support for their plantings from 245 funders since 2017 and has received 3,030 trees through Trees That Count.

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