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Nikau Belt Restoration

Farming / Forestry / Rural
Our project is a whanau native forest restoration project on whanau owned land in the Nikau Belt on the Kapiti Coast.

This whenua is relatively close to Nikau Palm Reserve which serves as the role model for our project. It is situated in the "Nikau Belt", characterised by low frost frequency, year-round soil moisture and reasonably nutritious weathered clay soil. It is adjacent to the Nikau Palm Reserve walkway as the walkway runs along the top of the ridge to the south of Nikau Palm Reserve.

Since coming into the whānau about ten years ago, our first task as kaitiaki of the whenua was to exclude stock. An assessment of regeneration was held about eight years ago. In the winter of 2016 a further assessment was made. This found that the gullies of the block contained pockets of regenerating bush namely; mahoe, hangehange, mamaku and karamu. On the slopes, kanuka, pig fern, bracken and muelhenbeckia are spreading naturally (but slowly) over the retired grazed areas. As we have limited resources the most significant task is to assist the natural process of regeneration by removing the competitive pressure from the invasive weeds that are spreading through the restoration area.

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Nikau Belt Restoration has had support for their plantings from 126 funders since 2017 and has received 946 trees through Trees That Count.

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