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Karioitahi Beach Coast Planting Project

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We have 60 acres on Karioitahi Beach, Otaua that we have been planting out along the beach front and up the stream to improve the local area. We're currently focused on planting down a stream leading on to Karioitahi Beach.

About 30 years ago it was mainly sand dunes a long way off the coast according to the older farmers in the area, but they planted a lot of Lupin (Nitrogen fixing) and grazed the land where possible. Grazing the land actually really helped with the grass growth, so that slowly the grass has come right out to the coast.

We aren’t grazing the bottom 500m of land anymore and have it fenced off.

Flax and Kawakawa do well there. We are fortunate that we have a lot of springs along the coast hence the Kawakawa are doing well. But they only get to shrub height. So I trailed Pohutakawa in various positions about 3 years ago and to date most have done really well.

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Karioitahi Beach Coast Planting Project has had support for their plantings from 44 funders since 2017 and has received 150 trees through Trees That Count.

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