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West Harbour Beautification Trust

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Created in December 2013 the West Harbour Beautification Trust is an organisation dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty and amenities of Dunedin's West Harbour from Ravensbourne through to Aramoana. Working in partnership with other local groups the trust focuses on issues such as sycamore / weed control, protecting native species, beautifying public spaces and amenities and developing and maintaining walking tracks and recreational spaces.

One of our projects is an area of council land at Sawyers Bay in Dunedin that we are reinvigorating with thousands of native plants. We have been planting here in a structured way for more than 10 years. With Trees That Count support we would like to up the ante a bit and really get things rolling! This is potentially a 5ha restoration site but we need help and can't keep doing it by transplanting seedlings from our back yards! Pete Hodgson (ex Labour MP) has been beavering away and planted thousands of trees here and we now have a small shadehouse and the ability to raise some trees. We're getting more formal agreements together with the council to be able to apply for funding through various streams, allow for safe volunteer days, and other work on site such as weed control. It's a big job!

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West Harbour Beautification Trust has had support for their plantings from 238 funders since 2017 and has received 6,000 trees through Trees That Count.

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