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Mayfield School

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Being a school in the middle dairy farming/cropping territory many trees around us have been cut down and burnt. There is a big need to teach our children about the importance of trees in our environment.

We would like to create a native tree area in one section of our school. Having an area of native trees at Mayfield School would have many positive benefits, not only for our tamariki, but everyone in our community. We plan to turn this task into an inquiry project for the children where they will research growing conditions for native plants, design and manage this native area as well as understand the role tress have in our environment.

We have our community and B.O.T. on board to help create this native area. Near the area where we are planning the planting is an irrigation system which we will be able to link into this project. We also have a colleague who supports our environmental education programmes that would be able to advise us on managing pests and the planting of the trees themselves.

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Mayfield School has had support for their plantings from 4 funders since 2017 and has received 242 trees through Trees That Count.

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