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11,500 trees will help to remove about 1239.70 tonnes of carbon *.
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Brookby Wildlife Habitat

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The Brookby Wildlife habitat project on the Auld farm has a mass revegetation project underway. This year 3 Trees for Survival schools and 3 Conservation Volunteer New Zealand (CVNZ) planting day are in process. The aim of the project is to stop the steep slopes and waterways from further erosion. These new native plantings physically link together extensive remnant forest areas. The planting will increase biodiversity values of the region as well as providing a good food source for the abundant birdlife found in the region such as Kereru, Tui, Kaka and Bellbird etc. Across the farm of 400 acres over 100 acres of steep forest, wetlands and waterways are protected from grazings animals. Infill planting is underway along the Papakura Stream, and wetland gully, and large steep slip prone slopes are being planted and retired from grazing. The farm is part of the Forest and Bird South East Wildlink from Totara Park to Clevedon particular aimed at protecting the Kaka population. A flock of 7 Kaka including youngest, are regular feeders in the area over the winter months.

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Brookby Wildlife Habitat has had support for their plantings from 304 funders since 2017 and has received 3,449 trees through Trees That Count.

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