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Otamahua/Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust

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Ōtamahua /Quail Island is a 56 hectare island in Lyttelton Harbour, 15km from the centre of Christchurch. The Ōtamahua /Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust has been planting trees and eradicating predators on Ōtamahua since 1998, and the project is regarded nationally as an outstanding example of community driven conservation. The island is now predator free except for mice, and by the end of the planting season in 2017 the total number of trees planted will exceed 92,000 and cover over 24 hectares. Being free of the main mammalian predators, Ōtamahua is a safe breeding site for birds such as the korora (white-flippered penguin), kaikomako (bellbird), and kereru (wood pigeon) that are in decline at mainland sites where predators are present. The restored ecosystem acts as a nucleus for sustaining a diversity of bird species around the Lyttelton Harbour basin.
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