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6,598 trees will help to remove about 711.26 tonnes of carbon *.
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Pakiri Community Landcare Group

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Our small community at Pakiri facilitate the community and local school with planting projects, working with Waicare and Trees for Survival programme. In Jan 2003 we raised funds and built a substantial shadehouse on the school grounds and since this time there has been a very successful production of approx. 700 native trees every year that get planted out on local land blocks. The yearly programme at the shadehouse involves pricking out and potting up of tiny native seedlings that are supplied by the Trees from Survival trust. There are usually around 7 varieties of trees suitable for primary riparian planting. In July or August we have the planting day which is coordinated with the school, landowners and Trees for Survival trust. The landowners put on a lunch to feed the hungry planters and it’s a fantastic day out for the school who are keen to plant the trees they’ve been growing all year. In the past 11 years the school and community have planted over 7000 native trees on 5 separate properties. We canvas for new planting sites that meet the criteria of Trees for Survival. In 2018 we invited the local community for a planting day with trees donated from Trees that Count . The area we planted is on the boundary of the public Pakiri Road by the beach and the local Pakiri community sports club. Our aim is to create a native forest corridor from the coast, Pakiri regional park and Pakiri river.

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Pakiri Community Landcare Group has had support for their plantings from 224 funders since 2017 and has received 2,289 trees through Trees That Count.

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