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Greenhill Planting Project

Farming / Forestry / Rural
Hawke's Bay
We’re a young farming couple who are starting our journey to improve the biodiversity of our sheep and beef farm in Porangahau, Central Hawke's Bay.

This year we have planted over 1,700 natives along our waterways, which is the first step in our plan to progressively fence and plant the waterways on our property. Not only do we have to comply with upcoming farm waterway and planting legislative changes, we WANT to. We believe that by starting the native planting journey now, we will in-turn encourage our neighbours to join us, simply by looking over the fence and seeing what’s going on at our place, we hope that others in our area will join in and get planting. Together, we will enhance the biodiversity of our area and be able to pass on a thriving native forest to our children. We’re lucky to be supported by a local nursery Tree Guys in Central Hawke’s Bay, who specialise in native planting and have partnered with us in our native planting thus far. This ensures the native trees are endemic to our area and will thrive where they are planted.

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Greenhill Planting Project has had support for their plantings from 123 funders since 2017 and has received 2,192 trees through Trees That Count.

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