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South Taranaki District Council Community Plantings

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South Taranaki District Council are supporting local community restoration groups to restore biodiversity and improve environmental outcomes across the landscape.

Support through Trees That Count will enable them to scale up their native forest planting projects on Council-owned bare land throughout South Taranaki. The end goal is to get transformational native forest planting projects off the ground in South Taranaki, that will improve ecological, cultural and environmental wellbeing for the District, whilst also providing community environmental education initiatives and events at the same time.

The two key projects which trees funded through Trees That Count will enable are:

The Ōpunakē Loop Trail: this is a project driven by a group comprised of community members who are independently creating a multi-use pathway called the Loop Trail in around Ōpunakē town. As part of the trail formation, the group have identified opportunities to enhance the environment and the wellbeing of the local community through restoration planting alongside suitable areas of the track.

The Patea Planting Trust: they are restoring a large area of coastal and riparian duneland alongside the Patea walkway. Currently, a walkway exists in Patea that follows the western bank of the river from the town to the beach. It passes through areas dominated by weedy herbaceous and shrub species, pine forest and grassland. Members of the community have, in the past, worked on the walkway installing historical interpretation panels and planting a number of native species at various places. Now, The Friends of the Patea River Walkway are planning to revegetate the full length of the walkway and environs in native forest and coastal species that would once have adorned the area.

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South Taranaki District Council Community Plantings has had support for their plantings from 18 funders since 2017 and has received 4,430 trees through Trees That Count.

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