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6,500 trees will help to remove about 700.70 tonnes of carbon *.
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Tanera Gully Restoration Project

Community Organisation
Tanera Gully Restoration Project is a community group which has been working for the last five years to restore a section of town belt/common-land in the Aro Valley area in Wellington. During this time we have removed significant quantities of weeds and rubbish from the area, and planted over 5,000 trees. The team has a vision to restore the native forest with locally appropriate trees. The aim is to restore Tanera Gully’s crimson ridges and flanks (Project Crimson has previously provided many Northern rata to this project). Northern rata flourished in Wellington prior to 1830.

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Tanera Gully Restoration Project has had support for their plantings from 4 funders since 2017 and has received 450 trees through Trees That Count.

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