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Te Mata Park

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Hawke's Bay
Te Mata Park is the jewel in Hawke's Bay's crown. 'The Sleeping Giant' has a significant and commanding presence in every way—it's a landmark with outstanding geological, ecological, recreational, spiritual and cultural significance. Te Mata Park is a vital recreational asset for our community, and a popular attraction for tourists to the region. The Park is a magnet for walkers, runners, mountain bikers and paragliders. Te Mata Park is administered by a group of seven volunteer Trustees, as well as a part time Manager and Caretaker. The Park welcomes close to a million visitors per year.

In 2020, 8.5ha of new land was purchased thanks to a community fundraising project. The land is located adjacent to the existing Park, and will complement our existing network of trails and native trees. We wish to extend the bird corridor and bring the Park closer to Havelock North. Through the planting we intend to do there is huge potential for this space to be a recreational and ecological haven for both locals and visitors.

Outside of this project, the Park is also converting 8 hectares of 80 year old (very precarious) pine trees in to native plantings. It will involve nearly 30,000 native trees plantings in total and a huge effort from the community to get them in the ground. This is a significant project that will see enhanced birdlife, improved biodiversity and spectacular scenery for our park users to enjoy.

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Te Mata Park has had support for their plantings from 156 funders since 2017 and has received 8,000 trees through Trees That Count.

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