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Tomahawk/Smaills Beachcare Trust

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Tomahawk Smales Beachcare Trust's aim is to restore the habitat and biodiversity of the sand dune ecosystem in the Ocean Grove Reserve, and to provide long term protection to the Ocean Grove community against the threat of erosion. The Ocean Grove Reserve is a 28ha site of active sand dunes located approximately 6kms from the Dunedin city centre. The Trust contributes to restoration through hands-on participation in nursery activities (such as sourcing seed endemic to our area) and native planting in this area. The Trust sustains local relationships across a diverse group of people by offering a positive opportunity to contribute to a common environmental cause.

We have in place a governance framework that outlines our Trust’s policies and processes, an operations manual that supports our day-to day work at our Nursery and a 25 year strategic plan that we independently commissioned in 2009 providing us with a 'Restoration vision and plan until 2035'. Our community planting days of which we host 3-4 each year, have been very successful not only in terms of numbers of plants planted (2-3000 each year), but also in terms of helping build community relationships. They are a great way for people to connect, and for families to interact while exploring their ‘backyard’. We also host weekly volunteer programmes and these have resonated with our local schools, community groups such as Idea and Taskforce Green, tertiary students and other private groups who enjoy doing an environmental activity that is ‘hands-on’.

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Tomahawk/Smaills Beachcare Trust has had support for their plantings from 30 funders since 2017 and has received 2,000 trees through Trees That Count.

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