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Ross Terrace Lyttelton - Vicki Carlyon

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We live in Lyttelton on approximately 9 acres overlooking the port of Lyttelton. We purchased our block in 2014 with the aim to revegetate approximately 70% of the land with natives to provide habitat to attract tuis back to Lyttelton, and attract other birds and animals. We are on the boundary with Major Hornbrook Reserve and recognise any planting we undertake will improve biodiversity and habitat. In 2014 we removed the biggest weeds - sycamore trees and elderflower. We’ve planted thousands of natives over the last few years, all eco-sourced locally. We’re also trapping possums and other predators. Our vision is that we can change the visual landscape so it becomes more for all Lyttelton visitors and residents, both human and animals!
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