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Waiheke Resources Trust

NGO / Trust / Philanthropic Organisation
The WRT is all about creating a great place to live. We do lots of different things to reach that goal including education and events and there are lots of different issues that we think are important: water, waste, food resilience, biodiversity, energy and transport.

The concept that underpins our work is the importance of a healthy and thriving environment. Such an environment allows a community to flourish, and within that community a strong economy can exist.

We work to celebrate and protect all the resources we have already, and build capacity and knowledge in the community toward the creation of a resource-full future for all.

With the Waiheke community and volunteer groups we are working towards restoring 7 significant wetland habitats and surrounding environments on Waiheke Island.

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Waiheke Resources Trust has had support for their plantings from 395 funders since 2017 and has received 11,812 trees through Trees That Count.

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