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Reinga Road Reserve Conservation Project

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We manage the Reinga Road Reserve which involves re-habilitating a badly neglected area of 6ha. Work involves planting and weed control. Planting is with natives supplies to us by the Shade House in Kerikeri at very reasonable cost. Members numbered below are committee. Many more contribute.

Reinga Road Reserve is located in a beautiful area near Kerikeri. The reserve is publicly owned land that was neglected till we got involved. Our group paid for a digger to clear pernicious weeds, got a grant, and started planting about 800 plants per year - mostly trees all native but some sedges etc where appropriate.

Planting is ongoing and probably will never cease. This is public land and open for public access.

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Reinga Road Reserve Conservation Project has had support for their plantings from 1 funders since 2017 and has received 617 trees through Trees That Count.

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