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Kaikorai Valley Restoration

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We are a family of five with 7ha in Kaikorai Valley Dunedin developing the site of a former pine forest into residential areas with surrounding native plantings and swamp restoration.

We have huge areas ready to soak up as many trees as possible!

We have already planted on the main slope and start of the access area of the property. Our next step is to plant trees adjacent to the access track to create a bush corridor. We also intend to line the gully to control runoff. Restoring a swamp is also on our agenda, which will involve the removal of large amounts of buttercups and other weeds. Then we will replant the space with sedges and flaxes and suitable tree species eg matai kahikitea manuka around the perimeter of the swamp, possibly even some kauri! This is a family effort and we are super excited about it!

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Kaikorai Valley Restoration has had support for their plantings from 56 funders since 2017 and has received 787 trees through Trees That Count.

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