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30 trees will help to remove about 7 tonnes of carbon *.
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Kapiti Castles Limited

Kapiti Castles are proud to be one of the first carbon reduction event and party hire company of its kind within New Zealand.

We love to make people smile with every interaction that they have with Kapiti Castles and we strive to do business in a more cultivated way, taking responsibility for the impact of our business on the local community, wider nation and the environment.

We want an environmentally sustainable New Zealand that is an example to the rest of the Inflatable and Event industry, Kapiti Castles will transform from part of the problem to part of the solution one step at a time. We will be innovative in providing leadership and a range of solutions to enable our customers, communities and employees to join us on our journey to a low carbon future.

Planters supported

Kapiti Castles Limited has supported 4 planters since 2019.

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