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Waikataruru Stream Planting

Farming / Forestry / Rural
The Waitakaruru Stream is a small stream in the Waikato/Piako District. This stream in fish surveys has shown healthy numbers of native fish species including both longfin and shortfin eels, Koura and Torrentfish/panoko. Through Scotsman Valley there is limited plantings and high levels of stock access to the stream which is contributing sediments, nutrients and ecoli into this fragile environment. Stock exclusion of this stream and planting of the banks will help to cool the water and provide shade and habitat to increase the native biodiversity. I am working with a number of landowners on this stretch to encourage the fencing of this stream to prevent stock exclusion and planting. Unfortunately this is not a priority area and there is no local government funding available for this work. In exchange for fencing the waterway for stock exclusion I am sourcing plants to encourage more people to undertake this work. Currently I have one lifestyle block owner on board and I am hoping that this can become a demonstration site to encourage more landowners in the area.

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Waikataruru Stream Planting has had support for their plantings from 10 funders since 2017 and has received 400 trees through Trees That Count.

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