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Project Bring Back The Birds

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My aim is to plant a range of flowering natives that will bring in birds to the garden. My specific focus is on 2 areas. An area at the front of my property where I would like to create a grove of Kaka Beaks and Bottlebrush, as well as mixed smaller fruiting trees to attract tuis, bellbirds, fantails and silvereyes and kereru. The second area is at the rear of my property, I would like to plant manuka and kanuka to create a belt of hedging in front of our water tanks that will provide a quiet and sheltered nesting ground for small birds. I've already planted Karo extensively around the edge of my property and added a broad range of native trees that I hope will create a dense habitat as they grow. Now I hope to add some more specialised flowering and fruiting trees. I would also like to add a row of Kowhai to the bottom of the property where they could sit alongside the Karo hedging. The goal is to bring back the birds!

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Project Bring Back The Birds has had support for their plantings from 1 funders since 2017 and has received 47 trees through Trees That Count.

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