Tree Registries

Check out these Tree Registries people or businesses have set up to celebrate and honour the important moments in life.

In lieu of gifts or as part of a campaign, Tree Registries raise funds for native trees that will be planted on your behalf in projects around New Zealand. Want to create one of your own? Read more here.

Beloved Abbas
69 trees gifted
5 gifters
Agricultural Communities Respecting the Environment (ACRE)
21 trees gifted
2 gifters
Tui's Forest
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
Suzy's Tree Legacy
20 trees gifted
3 gifters
Closes  16/08/2021
Bruce Burns is sixty years young and still growing
12 trees gifted
374 days left
Cam and Sam's Tree Fundraiser
40 trees gifted
27 gifters
In memory of Andrie Hart
141 trees gifted
19 gifters
Vegans of Aotearoa New Zealand (VANZ)
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
Connor Stewart Memorial
22 trees gifted
12 gifters
Kevin Appreciation (Prof. Gould)
22 trees gifted
11 gifters
Trees for Poppa Bob's 80th
13 trees gifted
2 gifters
Jay's 50th Celebration
14 trees gifted
4 gifters