Tree Registries

Check out these Tree Registries people or businesses have set up to celebrate and honour the important moments in life.

In lieu of gifts or as part of a campaign, Tree Registries raise funds for native trees that will be planted on your behalf in projects around New Zealand. Want to create one of your own? Read more here.

Hayley's Tree Registry
70 trees gifted
30 gifters
Trees for Jeanie
11 trees gifted
2 gifters
R J Lewis Family Trust
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
5 trees gifted
1 gifters
Increasing NZ biodiversity, One tree at a time
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
The Hamilton Family
9 trees gifted
3 gifters
The Vision is Clear
1421 trees gifted
516 gifters
10 trees gifted
1 gifters
Help us plant trees for a SMART'er future!
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
The Fashioncollaborate Forest
0 trees gifted
0 gifters
Arthurs ongoing registry
15 trees gifted
5 gifters
BOA's Batch of Bark
1 trees gifted
1 gifters