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Created On: 16 August 2019
This registry was created by:
One New Zealand
NGO / Trust / Philanthropic Organisation
The ONE Summit is a six day annual event held end of October in the Southern Lakes District. It’s aim is to educate, inspire and enable our transition as a community and nation to a carbon zero, thriving community. PLANT A TREE - We have two off-set partners this year, the WAKATIPU REFORESTATION TRUST and TE KAKANO AOTEAROA TRUST. Part of our profits will go to these two amazing organisations. By donating to the registry, you’re putting more native trees into the ground, helping not only reduce our footprint but also providing habitat for our feathered neighbours. More than 4000 native plants and animals, including the kererū and the kiwi, are at risk of extinction despite a community push for conservation, according to a new report. New Zealand's Sixth National Report to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is a wake-up call that more needs to be done to not only protect, but regenerate and enhance our ecosystems to allow our indigenous flora and fauna to thrive. So why not start with our own backyards. While plants that provide nectar, fruit and foliage are key (especially for the Kererū (wood pigeon) and for winter feeding), so is creating an ecosystem where insects can thrive, that means lots of leaves, mulch and rich soil. The Kākā, Korimako (bellbird), Kōtare (kingfisher), Pīwakawaka (fantail), Riroriro (grey warbler), Tauhou (silvereye) and Tūī will love you for it. How you can help: 1. Gift a tree or three to this tree registry. 2. Share this registry with your family, friends and colleagues. 3. Volunteer with Te Kakano Aoteaora and Wakatipu Reforestation Trust. Our mission at ONE New Zealand is to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond. We aim to: - Increase the speed at which communities can become Carbon Zero 21st Century communities. - Mainstream sustainability to foster thriving, diverse & interconnected environments, communities and businesses. - Advocate and raise awareness of climate justice, bio-sphere & environmental rights. - Increase community cohesion through establishment of partnership and collaboration networks. Ngā mihi

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